Olympic Coverage?

Yep, the link I posted above works, it will bring you to a web page, click on the green arrow, and then wait for your video player to load, then there will be an advertisement, after that coverage begins. I fast forwarded through the first twenty minutes or so as the start was delayed due to lack of wind.
Still no good for those of us in Australia
What's up folks?

While it certainly is a bit disappointing that we don't enjoy TV coverage, I've been most pleased with the online coverage. From the quality of the video to the complete coverage (pre-race to the last finisher), I feel very fortunate for what we do have. I particularly like the glidecam (I presume?!) which floats above the piers at the Quingdao sailing center.

I recommend the following link. I've bookmarked this puppy and use it to catch the key races. The site allows you to watch rewinds (including Day 4 I'm pretty sure!) as well as live coverage. Additionally, you can set up alerts to notify you 30 mins prior to start.


NOTE: The above URL seems to be butchered a bit according to the Preview Post. Please be sure it reads 'resultsandschedules' in between sailing/ and /index.html

Again, this one-stop-shop link is strictly for sailing coverage. You can also get the results.

According to an article on Scuttlebutt, Gary Jobson will begin to add his live commentary to the video feed starting with Wed races (i.e. 1:00am Eastern; 10:00pm Pacific).

What i can gather from the BBC coverage is that only one of the courses is fully televised live and available for networks worldwide. Yesterday it was the Lasers, today it was the 470's i think tomorrow will be the Finn and Yingling races.


Just sailing
Not that I like staying up 'til 2 AM, but I finally saw wire-to-wire coverage of an Olympic sailboat race. It took me forever to find the appropriate link on the NBC website, and I then had to install some Microsoft spyware to get the video running.

Once the video was going, I actually was quite impressed. Even with my crappy ~2 Mbps Clearwire connection, I had good quality video that wasn't jerky. Best I can tell there is only one "sailing" channel, so you can't select between different classes. I tuned in just as the Men's 470 class was coming out of a general recall, so I decided to stick with that race regardless.

A couple of times the video did go dark on me. I had to close the window and re-launch the video feed, forcing me to watch the same GE commercial (parent company of NBC) repeatedly. This always seemed to happen as the lead boats were approaching the mark.

I'm a little disappointed about with some of the shots they chose. It looked like Ireland and Brazil were duking it out pretty good going downwind, but they chose to stay with Russia and Turkey fighting it out for last place at the reaching mark. In the end, IRL pulled out a pretty good win.

Looks like I won't be sleeping too much tonight either.
Hey Gang,

I have to agree with a statement made earlier that the user interface is not terribly intuitive. Let me see if I can help you (and others) locate the laser sailing.

If you visit the URL I posted earlier, you "should" see the following list:

Day 1 Saturday, August 9
Day 2 Sunday, August 10
Day 3 Monday, August 11
Day 4 Tuesday, August 12

In order to locate the rewinds for a particular day, you first need to 'expand' each day to see the individual races. To expand the view, look for and click on the double-down-arrows located to the right of the words "Photogallery" which appear to the far right of each Day (e.g. Day 1 Saturday, August 9).

To see a laser race, expand Day 4 Tuesday, August 12.

Once you do, locate the following:

08/12 1:00pm Men's Laser - Race 01

Click on the word "rewind" and you should be golden.

Good Luck!
I don’t know what it is like in the rest of the world but coverage in the UK is somewhat “poor”. It is getting coverage – around an hour a day. However, the quality is very poor. I suspect the underlying problem would also affect everywhere else.

The UK commentators are experienced and knowledgeable but are just not getting enough information and assistance from China. We get pics from all sorts of different angles. Nice pics of boats sailing along plus some overhead shots. But never anything superimposed over the pics such as wind lines, laylines, lines across the wind, etc. All the pics from above just show boats – no identifications superimposed to show who is where – even in classes when they have on board live video !! – and this is all despite the fact that the TV broadcast is over 6 hours after the event took place (plenty of time to add some useful information). Commentators repeatedly comment that we “cannot tell until the arrive at the next mark”.

Yesterday was a classic example. The commentators thought boats were over the line at the start but did not see anybody go back. After over half an hour, they still had no idea is anybody was over the line, is anybody was due to be DSQ’d, etc. – no info al all from the organising authority.

When I’ve seen (quite a bit) of sailing on TV in the past you get loads of tactical overlays, decent info from the Race Committee, etc. – things that really enhance the broadcasts. This 2008 is a big event and they just cannot be bothered. Reflects badly on the organisers IMHO.


Once you do, locate the following:

08/12 1:00pm Men's Laser - Race 01

Click on the word "rewind" and you should be golden.

Good Luck!
No matter which race I click on the rewind video is the same. They seem only to compile one video a day. Usually it has two races on it. Today you can watch three hours of video of the pier since the racing was cancelled. It would have been nice to store some video of other races rather than three hours of the pier.... Coverage sucks IMHO..... Hopefully they will hav ethe final races covered in all events. There has been some great racing out there but we may never see most of it....