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ILCA NA member Eric Robbins recently noted on the NA Mailing List certain new ISAF proposals that may well change how the game of Lasering is played at top levels forever.

Yes, these ISAF proposals do present major issues! And what it brings to mind is:
- What will the ILCA leadership do about it?

In particular, which of the proposals are perceived as troublesome by the Class, and why? Does the Class have any plans or strategies that can be discussed publicly? If these can be aired, then public suggestions can be offered, if asked.

ILCA Executive Secretary Jeff Martin (GBR), who is already a member of the ISAF Council, the ISAF Events Committee Sub Rankings Sub-Committee, and the ISAF Classes Committee, and ILCA World Council Member Takao Otani (JPN), who is already a member of the ISAF Centerboard Boat Committee, plus any other ILCA officers that will atend the ISAF meeting should ensure that we are well presented.

Following are the detailed ISAF proposals. drLaser Links are provided for the full text (in PDF format), including rationalizations of the proposals. (Conversion to fast-loading HTML versions are in progress, pending ISAF approval.) The only thing I could not come across was the specific proposal to require "that all Olympic Classes achieve 30% female participation to meet the 'Olympic Goals'" that Eric noted. A URL would be appreciated.

Shevy Gunter
Member, ILCA NA

Submission: 023-01
The Women's Sailing Committee submits that the term "OPEN" for Olympic classes be defined so as to say that, any class chosen under this discipline has had "x"% of either gender in the top "y" crews at the world championships for "z" number of years.

Submission: 040-02 P
That the maximum number of boats per race participating in a world championship which is an Olympic Qualification event shall be as follows:
. Keelboats – 60
. Centreboard Boats – 80
. Boards – 80
There may be split fleets.
This will be effective from the 2003 Qualification Regatta.

Submission: 041-02 P
1. The ISAF Ranking List shall be used to determine allocations, as it is the only indicator of who is really competing. The closing date for allocation shall be July 1 2003.
2. All Member National Authorities (MNAs) shall have the right to enter and therefore all MNAs may enter two boats as their right. This ensures that any difficulties with the Ranking List are negated.
3. The number of sailors ranked in the top 60 allots the additional entries allowed.
4. Only MNAs that have a sailor ranked in the top 60 in any class are listed.
5. All other countries still have the right to enter up to two boats in each class whether listed or not.
6. All MNAs must indicate their wish to take up their entries no later than July 1 2003 so the Federation (ISAF) can make adjustments.
7. Many MNAs will not take up their quota and this is understood.
8. There shall be the right for any MNA to petition ISAF for additional entries.
9. The previous World Champion may have a bye.
It will be recommended that each MNA have the right to say which sailors can fill the slots allocated and it does not have to be those specifically listed on the Ranking List or whom the Class designates. MNA can delegate this allocation to another jurisdiction if they so wish. If Classes demand autonomy then they should question their continued desire to seek Olympic designation.

Submission: 042-02 P
There will be only two Olympic Qualification regattas. One in 2007 and a second before 15 th May 2008 each as an ISAF World Championship of the Olympic Classes. The Federation (ISAF) shall select the venues. All aspects of the events will require ISAF approval and supervision.

Submission: 043-02 P
Add to Regulation 16:
"Entries for Olympic Qualification events shall only be accepted from Full Members of the ISAF. The ISAF Executive Committee and the Class shall decide the entries by using pre-agreed allocation criteria. Such allocation criteria will be based on the number of active boats sailing as confirmed by the Federation (ISAF) database not by the number of individual class members."

Submission: 050-02 P
The Olympic Classes Championships be it world, continental or other classifying races should be held under unified criteria of Olympic format with the participation of national teams backed up by their respective National Authority.

Submission: 051-02 P
The following recommendations apply to all Olympic Class World and Continental Championships and Grade 1 events:
A working party constituted by the Executive Committee shall consider the following and incorporate into the Olympic Classes contract/ISAF Regulations:
All judges to be approved by the Federation (ISAF) and selected from a list designated by the Federation (ISAF).
Classes must submit to the Federation (ISAF) their proposal for venues before final designation is allowed.
Race Officers:
The Federation (ISAF) reserves the right to appoint an ISAF Race Officer to all events listed to assist the organisers.
All entries to be supervised by the Federation (ISAF) according to a predetermined ISAF Regulation.
ISAF will oversee all measurement and ISAF Officials have the right to check adherence to measurement rules during the events.
All events must use the ISAF approved scoring system.
Notice of Race:
All events must use the ISAF approved notice of race.

Submission: 061-02 P
Amend Regulation 18 as follows:
"18.1 ISAF approval is required for any event that is described as a World Championship, uses the word 'World' in the title of the event, or where an event is reasonably perceived to be a World Championship.
18.2 Each ISAF Class is automatically granted the right, subject to the notification requirements of Regulation 18.10, to hold one annual World Championship and therefore declare only one world champion each year. Each world championship will be open to all sailors and not be specific to one category of the class (i.e. Youth, Masters, Women, etc.). ISAF Olympic Classes that have a gender-specific Olympic event will be entitled to hold an annual world championship in that same category.
Note: This right is subject to compliance with Regulation 2.33.

18.3 In addition to the right granted by Regulation 18.2 above, an International Class may hold:
(a) one Gender, Age or Discipline defined event (i.e. Youth, Team Racing, Match Racing), and
(b) one Women's World Championship (if the Class normally races in separate classes).
18.3.1 In addition to the rights granted in Regulations 18.2 and 18.3 above, an International Windsurfing Class may hold a fourth World Championship as defined by the Class and approved by the ISAF.
Note: to 18.3 and 18.3.1 - an International Class may be awarded the right to continue to hold an additional 'World Championship' (as detailed in 18.3 and 18.3.1) if it can maintain participation at each of the respective events of a minimum of eight nations (five for women) from two continents. For the first year of holding such a 'World Championship' event, the Class shall be waived this participation requirement, if it can prove that a similar 'International Event' has previously been held in that discipline/class. Classes shall apply to the ISAF to hold additional World Championships.
Note: Regulation 26.4 requires classes granted provisional ISAF status to hold a World Championship before being granted ISAF status.

Submission: 066-02 P
Delete current Regulation 18.11 and replace as follows:
"Approval is required for any event that is described as a Continental Championship or for any event which is reasonably perceived to be a Continental Championship. ISAF delegates the authority for such approval to the relevant regional body of Member National Authorities (MNAs) who shall also seek approval from the National Authority of the nation where the event is to be hosted."

ISAF Class Associations have the sole right to hold continental championships of their class, these being class events as defined in Regulation 26.5(f).
18.11.1 ISAF Classes holding continental championships shall obtain the approval of the National Authority of the nation where the event is to be hosted.
18.11.2 The Continental Championship shall be a class event as defined in Regulation 26.5(f)

Submission: 082-02
New ISAF Regulation:
"No Redress will be given in any event for any reason where the Federation (ISAF) has appointed a Race Official."
The following events will automatically come under this ISAF Regulation:
- Olympic Regatta
- Olympic Qualifiers
- Olympic Class World Championships


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I think the first rule about the women is dumb. If x% has to be female, we might be getting crappy female sailors who might not have made it if it were not for that rule. Im not against women, I just think that the best sailor should be rewarded, not a women sailor just be cauase she is a women!

30% Female participation

They should make the Radial the open dinghy class. It would probably still be dominated by men, but women could win. As for the big guys who will no longer be competitive, let them sail Finns. It's silly to have an open class if women can't be competitive.

Of course this is from the egalitarian point of view, and on the other hand, it does make sense to acknowledge (via OC status) that Laser is the biggest class in the world, so use it for men's dinghy and dump the Finn.