Older Sunfish sailboat; missing a few parts.

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No rudder or centerboard and I think a piece of a spar is missing. The mast and most of the spars and the sail are in good shape.

sunfish 2.JPG sunfish 3.JPG sunfish.JPG
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Yes, looking for very old parts. Rudder, tiller, daggerboard. Serial no. 72577.
I have an old sunfish from the 60's that was salvaged from a storm in DE. I have had it for years, planning on rebuilding it, but I gave reached the conclusion that I am never going to have time or energy to do so, and it was cheaper and easier just to buy a used ready to sail boat. Live my minifish!
But now I have the hull with trim, the sail and spars, and most of the fittings, rudder and dagger board. I live in PA near Harrisburg, but I spend most of my time in MD caring for my elderly mother, so I don't really have time to post and sell the stuff. If I left it outside and just let people pick it up, leaving whatever they felt fair and reasonable inside my screen door, would anybody be interested? I live north of Harrisburg.