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Older Sunfish hull, cast hardware, for parts or restoration


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Hull in poor condition, waterlogged but floats. Cast (not stamped) fittings for rudder/tiller, rudder/tiller in poor but usable condition, dagger board similar. Metal mast and makeshift spars. Located in Bethlehem CT. Preparing for move, this boat will unfortunately have to go by springtime.

This is essentially free, or if you feel compelled please make a donation to the food bank.


Sailboat Doctor

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I'm not anywhere near you, but probably your best bet is to scrap the hull and offer these five things in this forum: The 7 1/2" carriage bolt with wing nut, horizontal hinge pin on chain, the bailer cap if it can be removed from the bailer, the deck drain with housing from next to the splash rail, and the rudder assembly.

Folks that want to keep their Sunfish original generally want to buy this stuff.