Older Sailfish For Sale

FYI: You have a Super Sailfish. not a Sunfish. It is in nice shape and well worth your asking price. The extra rudder is a pre-1972 Sunfish rudder, worth about $75.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Hi, that’s great. This might work. I will be back in Michigan next week. On a little lake just North of Muskegon there is a little lake called Duck Lake, it’s north of the Muskegon Channel and South of White Lake along scenic drive. That’s us. Your pictures look good and the price is fine. Do you know about how long it takes before the boat gets water logged ? My understanding is that pretty much all the old ones do it’s just a mater of how long. That’s ok with me. This would be sailed primarily by my kids. My name is Joel joelboyden@gmail.com