Old Style Sunfish Rudder Upgrade Option

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If you have the old style (pre-1972) rudder rig with the spoon shaped blade and want to upgrade to the post-1972 rig, you are going to need a new rudder assembly with the spade shaped blade, tiller, stainless steel "U" shaped transom bracket with internal back-up plate, an inspection port and the skill and several hours of labor to do the retrofit. The parts alone may cost upwards of $600 - $700.

In about 1971, Alcort came out with a hybrid rudder rig with the new spade shaped blade and a new, bronze solid head gudgeon fitting that reinforced the rudder head and virtually eliminated the splitting problem that plagued the original design. Better yet, the hybrid rig used the original tiller handle and hardware and hull hardware. The improved rudder blade shape made for better performance and control, especially downwind and in heavy air.

Offered here is a never used New, Old Stock (NOS) mahogany rudder blade with original factory finish, a NOS solid rudder head gudgeon fitting, and reconditioned gudgeon, vertical plate and connecting pin. All the hardware has been burnished to a better than new, golden hue and is attached with new brass machine screws. An original toggle pin with retaining chain that attaches the vertical plate to the deck plate is also included ($35 - $50 value, rare fitting.) Take the assembly out of the box, screw on your tiller with the NOS brass bolt provided, attach it to your existing hull hardware with the toggle pin provided and go sailing!

$275 + shipping. Interested? Questions. E-mail me at: aglos@colgate.edu

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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