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I am looking for a inexpensive/free old sail so I can cut some areas to fix a sail I just picked up with a large hole/chew spot and a smaller hole. This is a patchwork of parts for our sunfish - some spars were too damaged to repair so i found some old ones that may work.

I could also use parts for an old 60s sunfish rudder -especially the rudder pin as i have one and it is not easy to find as so old now.
I would be looking for a sail locally in the Pittsburgh area or within 60 miles or so (or even possibly Charlotte, NC area)
Thanks for any help.
Hi!!! I don't have a sail for you but I'm from Pittsburgh too ,so I'm happy to meet another local sailor!! Where do you usually sail??
Moraine state park ?

I hope you can find one, if it helps I found a guy that made his with tarp!!!! You can take mine as template if you ever desire
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Hello. I haven't sailed these old sunfishes yet (much work to do on the parts) only a sunflower we also bought this summer and fixed up. I am pretty much a beginner and yes lake Arthur is our lake!

We have paddled kayaks there for many years and have now added sailing. I sailed a bit when I lived in Canada and wanted to enjoy that awesome feeling again!
Watts bay seems to be a great spot to launch. Maybe see you on the water!
Hey we know each other !!! You sold me the sea snark which I still
love how easy and light it is, I learned a lot on it and I'm keeping it but not to long ago I got an offer for a sunfish so I got one to.
As I said I don't have a spare, sail but if all you want is to cover a hole on your old sail I can give you the email of a guy with a very bad shape sailfish sail.
Another idea would be sailtape, get a roll of it on eBay 15dls or so and tape the big gaps (remember to keep round edges with sailtape)
Or the great duct tape also works but not as nice
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Greetings! Glad you like the snark. We never saw you out sailing and wondered if you had a chance to sail before the cold set in!
How are you transporting the sunfish? On your roof? That would be a task!

Sure I would be interested possibly in that sail to patch mine. For Our sunflower sail I used Canadian tuck tape and it worked awesome. Bought a clear roll last visit. Unfortunately the holes in the one sail are too large for tape otherwise I would have used it.


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Joann fabric sells a utility weight nylon that is good for repairs, just spray it with some 3m 77 , smooth out the area and lay the patch down. Sew with any home machine, zig zag stitch is best
wow that is a good idea!!!

i would also advice checking out the selling forum as there is a guy that is selling i think a non original sail for 55dls which probly youll end up expending after the few yards of fabric and time sewing
If you are interested in the sail, you can have it for $25. Also, my daggerboard and rudder would fit yours I believe, could also have them at a good price, just let me know...Thanks!
iamtri do you think your parts fit a regular sunfish?, i mean i might be interested in some parts but im afraid it wont fit.
isnt the sail 65sq and sunfish 75sq
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