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Old Sailfish Demo Job - Not for the Faint of Heart

Alan S. Glos

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This weekend, I bought a 1960s era fiberglass Super Sailfish as a parts boat. When I went to pick it up, two of us could barely drag the hull on my Trailex trailer. The hull had multiple holes and cracks, and weighed on the order of over 300 lbs. I was able to salvage a good rudder/tiller assembly, nice mast and booms, a serviceable sail, bow handle, lines, a really nice set of aluminum edge trim, halyard cleat, registration plate and an original "shorty" daggerboard that is so-so. The mahogany toe rails with foot loops were rotted. All these parts will be up for sale if somebody out there is restoring a vintage Sailfish.

The hull needed to "take the long dirt nap" so I took my Makita 4" angle grinder with as narrow cut-off blade and cut the bare hull into 5 oieces that I could carry by myself. The photo evidence is attached. The foam inside the hull was almost completely soaked. Off to the landfill. RIP little 'fish.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY