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Old Kettenburg masthead sloop for sale, seller will take offers...

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Saw this ad in San Diego C/L, wish I had the time and money to refurbish her... these old wooden boats were so beautiful, very elegant in design, but of course they require more maintenance (and a fatter wallet than mine). I always enjoyed seeing Kettenburg boats on the water in San Diego Bay, they harkened back to a different era when the world wasn't so complicated. PCs too, those were also nice boats built by Kettenburg Marine in San Diego, quite the history behind that whole scene. Anyway, this seller doesn't seem to realize what he or she has in terms of nautical history, the boat belonged to a deceased father and the seller just wants the boat gone... if I had the time and money, I would rescue this ol' girl and make her sweet again, keeping nautical history alive in the process. These Kettenburg boats were nowhere near as fast as modern craft, but they were sleek and elegant in design, and by God, they had STYLE!!! One look at the PCs will give ya a clue, LOL... hopefully someone snaps up this K-43 and restores her to her former glory. How awesome would that be, patrolling the beach off Coronado with a hot date aboard this craft? The Hotel Del Coronado looking like something out of a picture postcard... :cool:


For anybody interested, you can see this and other related ads in the 'Boats' section of San Diego C/L... this same seller is giving away a Cal 29, but that craft doesn't have the history of this Kettenburg boat, though there's nothing wrong with Cals as recreational sailboats, or liveaboards either, for that matter. A friend of mine who lived across the street from CYC owned a Cal 27 which we sailed countless times on San Diego Bay, and we had a lot of fun aboard that boat with groups of friends, but we all admired every Kettenburg which sailed past in any direction, especially the PCs which had SO MUCH ELEGANCE & STYLE!!! Fine boats, those built by Kettenburg Marine, you can Google that outfit and read some amazing nautical history... sheeeee-it, if I were wealthy and had time on my hands, I'd be all over this boat, bagging her before someone else scooped up all that history (and the bragging rights to go with it, LOL). Ah, well, that task will be up to some other hand in better financial circumstances than mine, aye? At least the boat will be rehomed instead of being dragged off to the dump... there's no doubt in my mind that SOMEONE will snap her up before too long, and what a BEAUTY she'll be after some elbow grease & money well-spent. ;)


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Whoa, what a blast from the past!!! After posting that ad, I went and watched some classic videos of Kettenburg boats... with the added bonus that most of the footage was filmed in my old stamping grounds, San Diego Bay & environs, including Point Loma. Funny thing, I must have seen many of these same craft under sail over the decades, probably waving to all aboard as I blew past aboard my Laser or Minifish, or hoisting a beer in salute, AYE? Anyway, check these videos, they'll take ya back to a different era, LOL. Oh, yeah, I include that 'Janley' video because it shows the woodwork and craftsmanship which went into building each Kettenburg boat, and the Janley is only a yard longer than the K-43 I posted earlier. Pretty nice woodwork, though you'd be a slave to varnish if ya owned such a boat, UNLESS ya had enough dough to pay somebody ELSE to do the varnishing, LOL. Meh, I'd probably do it myself anyway, just because that's the sort of masochistic fool & perfectionist that I am. Alright, enjoy these videos, they are truly a BLAST FROM THE PAST!!! :cool:

See the shoreline of NASNI (Naval Air Station, North Island) in the third video, before ya even click to get started? I'd frequently sail close inshore at that point, reaching along at speed in the shallows to avoid marine traffic, LOL. Funny how an ad on C/L should suddenly send me back to so many places where I used to sail, aye? Ah, the Internet is truly grand in this respect, it can whisk you back in time to see venues where you had SO MUCH FUN in the past! Probably won't see too many videos of patrolling the beach or sailing to the islands, but that's the way it goes... not as many folks out there, ya know? I DID see some videos of Los Coronados on the web a few years ago, just a few with craft circumnavigating the islands, but no videos of anyone doing what I did back then... reckon I should've had a GoPro camera back in the day, but that's also the way it goes. Meh, I still have plenty of photographs as well as good memories, they'll have to do until I die, LOL. No worries, hardly a day goes by when I don't think of those primo island voyages made so many years ago... enjoy the Kettenburg videos, CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

Edit: I was just watching the end of that Janley video (which I didn't entirely watch before), and the dude refers to the Kettenburg Family as German immigrants in San Diego... he should've said, "BY WAY OF STEEL CITY, a.k.a. PITTSBURGH, PA!!!" ;)
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Wow, didn't take long for someone to snap up that old Kettenburg 43... or maybe the seller wised up and decided to keep her. But I'm thinking someone snapped her up, which is good, no wicked waste at the landfill. :eek:

It does my heart good to think that she'll be restored to her original glory... beautiful boats, those built by Kettenburg Marine. Someone lucked out and scored a classic on the cheap, Hull #1 as well, which means additional bragging rights. :rolleyes:

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Hmm, guess that last posting expired... but the boat might still be for sale, I dunno. I've been having the weirdest dreams lately, twice in the past few days I've had dreams in which acquaintances from high school appeared. Normally I don't even remember dreams unless I wake quickly enough, but these two dreams were bizarre. Maybe I should lay off all the rich holiday food, LOL... naaaah, that ain't gonna happen. But I sure am trippin' on these weird dreams... :rolleyes:

In the first dream two nights ago, this blond-haired surfer dude from Coronado appeared with some unknown friend, I was living in this large home with a pool and everything, then these guys showed up in an RV and stepped down onto the lawn. One minute I'm talking to these surfers, the next minute they both turned black, LOL. And unrecognizably black too... not the same features, just entirely different. Not sure if there's any significance to that weird metamorphosis... :confused:

After breakfast this morning, I lay down next to Crackhead to share some quality time, then fell asleep in a midmorning nap... and this time, some guy I knew from junior high clear through high school was in my dream. He and some associates were robbing apartment flats & holding people hostage... they also threatened to run folks down with a VW bus while doing all this nonsense. At one point in my dream, I was lying on pavement after shots were fired... :(

Jeez, I haven't seen this clown in decades, and I heard he turned into a total tweeker, so THAT part of the dream makes sense... but why would this clown even be in my dream in the first place? For that matter, why would either one be in any dream? Sure, I partied (drank & smoked in a group) with these knuckleheads back in high school, but WTF?!? Maybe it's not the rich food... maybe I've been watching too much TV, LOL. :eek:

The first guy, the surfer, he used to come over with other (actual) friends and skate the huge wooden ramps in my yard back in my "high school daze"---but he wasn't even that good of a skater, and the last time I saw him (decades ago), he was heading to Colorado on a construction job. The other guy, who turned into a tweeker in real life, I literally haven't seen him since the untimely death & funeral of a mutual acquaintance... I just don't get why he showed up in a dream. :mad:

Note to self: start dreaming about the good-looking gals in high school, not the knuckleheaded surfers and developing tweekers, LOL. That is just so strange, I had to share it all with ya... again, I don't usually remember dreams in such detail, but these dreams were like full-on Technicolor & Panavision, aye? And I've NEVER seen ANYONE turn BLACK in a dream before... a legacy from 2020, no doubt. Damn, I should go back to reading high school porno mags, and f#% the TV, LOL. ;)

Okay, I'm done, and I feel quite rested after my nap, I'm going to get cleaned up and go check out this "skatepark" in town, I heard it was just a couple of curbs or benches and some tired wooden ramps, but maybe the city threw down some money and poured concrete, who knows? It's worth a recon, just to see if there are actually any bowls I could ride on my beach cruiser. Besides, it's a glorious day outside, and the fresh air will do me some good. :D

But that sure is some weird $h!t, having two clowns from high school days turn up in recent dreams... do ya suppose they DIED and these were their shades visiting me in some form of punishment? The tweeker DID threaten to run me down with a goddam VW bus, LOL... in reality, I threw him in a headlock one day in class when he started to go off, but I never pummeled him, he was just feeling feisty at the time. What did I do to deserve a hit-and-run by VW bus? LOL... :cool:


Edit: I should add that MY family owned three VW buses over the decades, and we also owned a squareback in the '60s, so maybe that's where the killer VW bus came from in my dream, LOL... but how did the tweeker get ahold of it? Oh, yeah, that's a no-brainer, he f#%ng STOLE it, LOL. ;)
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Well, after getting cleaned up, I noticed clouds moving into the area, and rememembered that there's a 30% chance of rain this evening, so I wound up doing some yard work... the skatepark mission will happen manana, or maybe even Friday. I'm enjoying my "pre-employment vacation" this week, come Monday it'll be 10-hour days on prevailing wage, going to work in the dark and returning home in the dark... but the money will be good, LOL. I'm sure to work off this slight "Covid gut" I've developed after sitting behind my computer for months, drinking beer and checking the job listings... meh, schlepping all those steel guardrails will soon put an end to that business, and I'll be looking bulletproof again for the holidays, LOL. :rolleyes:

While I was in the shower, reflecting upon those bizarre dreams I mentioned in my previous post, the thought occurred to me that before the first odd dream, I consumed a rather large quantity of my homemade turkey soup. This is clear & irrefutable evidence that those evil & nefarious globalists and their gubmint tools are putting LSD in our turkeys!!! The dirty swine... I even had some libtards "fact check" my claim, they said it was HEROIN. Meh, what do they know? Freakin' leftist morons... dumber than boxes of rocks, LOL. I'm thinking those dirty globalist swine might have poisoned my eggnog too... no morals whatsoever, these goddam globalists. They'll do ANYTHING to run the world, that's how friggin' obsessed they are... I heard there's money in it too!!! The dirty swine... :confused:



[Leaves more for me, and I heard on the web that adding rum to the eggnog will neutralize the globalist plot, LOL.] :)