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O-Ring Size (Auto Bailor)


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So just got a 2012 laser, but the problem is that the auto bailor is leaking. Figured out that it's probably just my o-rings that popped off. Would anyone be able to send me the measurements of the o-rings because I don't want to spend $10 for 4 when I can get them for pennies at a local hardware store.

Thanks in advance :)


13/16 x 11/16 x 1/16
#67 O-Ring

They used to sell them at home depot, you might get lucky depending on which one you go to, a good hardware store should have them


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I went ahead and bought 2 of those. I brought them to my local chandlery, when I was buying some new blocks and compared them to the 'official o-rings' they had for the laser, which were quite smaller. The #67 o-ring seemed quite bigger and thinner. Have you used this size with out any problems? Or should I just go and buy the same size that I found there?


Problem I had was the venturi flap catching on the trailer, which pulled it open, popped it out of the pivots, and then lost the O-rings.
I modified it by drilling through & replacing the plastic with stainless 3/16 bolt. The bolt is slotted at end to allow screwing in.
Hasn't lost an O-ring or had any problems since. Even if I forget to close it, it has the stength to support the boat without breaking.


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In the past, I've just bought a couple different sizes at the auto parts store and used what worked best. It was cheaper to buy extra rings then spend gas and time going back to the store.