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Nylon or Aluminum Sunfish Rudder Head / Cheek


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Chagrin Falls
Looking for a used nylon / plastic or aluminum rudder head or cheek for a 1981 Sunfish restoration project. I also need a pintel pin but could easily obtain one new elsewhere.

As you know but for clarity, what I want attaches to the rudder blade to make a complete rudder.

I have a set of Tension springs already. I just need the cheek and the pin.

My rudder is wooden and factory.

Bill Evans
Chagrin Falls OH 44023

Ps. FYI - I am not opposed to the idea of buying the modern fiberglass rudder / tiller AND daggerboard if someone is parting out a more modern boat. If it’s class legal I might jump on it and sell my current set up on line or simply hold it in reserve. Let me know.