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First time posting and I put my intro on the general thread. Sorry. ( It wasn't a proper intro anyway)

I'm going to be living on a 21 foot sailboat soon, and I've never sailed. My "Captain" tells me not to tell people that. If you've seen the movie "Waterworld", there is a scene when the Captain says to the young girl, "You talk too much, you need to listen more." Ah...yeah...that's when I got the one raised eyebrow look from my love. I ignored him.

Anyway, I am now either an awesome adventuring free spirit, or a total lunatic to my friends and family for what I'm about to do, but I say, "If not now, when?" John, (my so) and I have raised six daughters between us and we retired early, selling the farm, and we're at least going to give it our best. Unfortunately, we couldn't't find the boat we wanted, but we did find a good small boat for a real good price, so we figured it will probably be best to start small.

Anyone here ever live on a 21 footer for very long.....with another, still together? ;)
My Gawd...what an awful job it is to liquidate 40 years of stuff! It is also liberating. I have a box of stuff I think I'll need on the boat, that too gets me the raised eyebrow look...yeah, yeah, I know I can't take it all, I'm working on it. Jeesh.

I look forward to learning more....a lot more. I will let the "Captain" post technical posts, and I'll do my best to not talk too much and just listen, but no promises.