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Sunfishers seem like free spirits...but why no "custom" hull paint jobs? The factory stripes are OK, but some nice designs and colors wouldn't hurt.


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0620161108.jpg ha....yeah I've seen that. A Sunfish is about the size of a killer shark in some cases. Any rate, with all the fish owners painting their boat, I was just wondering. My '69 has some "aged" gelcote, yet is still very good condition that shines up great. Since it is original, I almost prefer that. But if the hull was begging for new paint... I'd probably be a little creative.
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I understand. But i enjoy nice looking boats and pride of ownership. Plus i like working on them too. I see too many negleted boats at marinas, you wonder sometimes. Happy sailing!!


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My boats are cleaned and waxed, all the hardware is in good condition and properly installed. Sails are clean, halyards and sheets in clean, good condition. Any wood is varnished and smooth gloss.

I'm not a fan of neglected boats either.

I also know that any attempt at me trying to be "artistic" would end in some really ugly messy things, so I respect my limits.

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We did an Army Air Corps trainer scheme as a tribute boat to Al and Cort. Our next two will be a US Navy VF-84 "Jolly Rogers" boat with grey hull and pirate sail, then a VT-27 orange and white training squadron scheme with red/white/blue stars and bars. With 300,000 plus boats out there I think a few can afford to not be white.




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As a "fair-weather" sailor, I'd like to have the deck "toned-down" in color (from white) to reduce the sun's reflection to my eyes.

My Optician tells me that my annoying eye cataracts are caused by long exposure to bright sun (measured in years).