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Not my Finest Hours (Anna Tunnicliffe)


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Medemblik Holland May 24, 2007We’ve now completed two days of competition in the Breitling Regatta in Medemblik. It was formerly known as the Spa/Holland Regatta. The weather has been light, fickle and fluky and these haven’t been my finest hours. There are 75 Laser Radials competing here, in two fleets, and at times the IJsselmeer has resembled a looking glass. I half expect to find a windmill or two in the reflections. I’m currently in 19th place, with three keeper races in the single digits, pulled down by three double-digit finishes. My scores are 7-14-5-6-18-(25) for a total of 50 points. At least I was able to drop the 25th finish after the discard provision kicked in today.