not a Sunfish but I'm baffled!

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Hi gang. I have a Mini Fish and Sunfish and was just offered this hull. I thought that maybe some of you small boat sailors might be able to give me some insight into this strange boat and help me identify it. From the set up I guess it is a sailing canoe/dorry. I can't find any markings and it has some homestyle features like the rudder mount...but I thought that maybe somebody might recognize it and that would point me in the right direction. It is about 13-14 feet by 4-5 feet. Any info would be appreciated, thanks


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Look's like a boat that was trying to be too many things at once. There were a whole
bunch of fiberglass boat builders in the early 1960's who produced about 10 boats and
then went out of business. If you had all the parts it might be fun to keep as something
unique. Maybe use it as a Layout Boat for duck hunting season?
This boat is called a SAROCA and was designed as a multiuse boat. It was advertised regularly in Small Boat Journal in the 80s and 90s. You could sail it, row it or paddle it.
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whoa, thanks Pete Z, you're a life saver! I can see now that the reason why I couldn't figure out what it was is that it was designed to be more than one kind of boat ;)