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I have a bunch of new old stock parts available for the Sunfish sailboat.

Deck plastic drain plugs, black or grey 91086/79457/91090/91085 $6 each

1/4" old style rudder bronze carriage bolt w/wing nut 79010 $20

1/4" wing nuts bronze $1 each

Old style rudder aluminum back up plate for rudder conversion $20

Pop rivets for boom hardware, edge trim, etc. inquire on pricing depending on quantity and size needed

Boom block, swivel with eye strap 79106 $8

Boom block, fixed with eye strap 79105/91042 $6

Eye strap 10073/91095 $3

Drain plug, metal with chain and housing 91092 $20

Interlocking eye bolts ss 90412 $8

Cockpit bailer complete assembly 79260/91026 $40

Bailer cap, short, 43604/91062 $6

Bow handle with fasteners 79020/91122 $18

Eye straps with fasteners for traveler bridle 79023/91096 $7

Wood daggerboard spring plate, brass 79051/85170 $8 each

O-ring for cockpit bailer 79201/91164 $1 each

Tiller strap 79210/85173 $25

Gooseneck, bronze with chrome finish 90638 $50

Mast, 89023 $150

Seitech dolly, new $400

Tension spring post, 79501/91175 $5

Tension spring 79464/85171 $10 per pair

Bridle assembly 2 loops 66641/91054 $12

Many other parts please inquire at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.

Shipping is extra. Payment via PayPal, credit card or mailed check.


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