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North x Hyde


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There is a perception that the Hyde sails last longer. Not sure if there is any consensus on performance.


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From my perspective, I've found the Hyde sails easier and more consistant to set up, but half of that is because it's normally what I purchase.

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same stretch characteristics, just an extra laminate on the hyde gives the impression that it's more durable.. I like the stiffness out of the package with hyde, but I've had great results with North as well.. both take a few days warm up to work it in and get used to your controls


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I have been told that Hyde no long make sails for Laser. This may only be true in the European Region though.


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Age old conversation..Hyde Vs. North. Personally, after hearing all about how the Hyde was better, I bought one. I like! Seems a bit stiffer and de-powers easier than my previous Norths. After a year of sailing, I'm ready to put my Hyde into the practice inventory, but can't... it's still got great shape and performs well.


they're both pretty close, if you did a speed test you probably wouldn't be able to tell a difference

Matt B

Ahh right the reason they use shity north sails now is because the laser centre is f*%"^! naff basically the US division of the company has drained all the money out of the the UK then expects the UK to supply the EU with stock leaving no stock and therefore no money for the UK division to pay their suppliers meaning that hyde will no longer make sails for them. If you can get a hyde sail buy it they're a far better cut and better Quality in my opinion oh and buy rolled not folded if possable. North sails is what the US have been using for years and so they have carried on making for laser. However laser now seem to be doing a little better than they were a few months ago and maybee they'll be able to pull it back before it's too late as at one point they nearley lost the right to make the laser as they stopped paying the royaltie fee however that issue has now also been resolved. but more recentley you will have noticed that the laser 2000 is no longer and is now going to be made by LDC and will be called the 2000 / RS 2000. and i believe the fate of laser UK's future will be decided within the next month or so because if laser US dont allow laser UK to either open some more laser centres or give dealerships status to chandlreys in the north of the country part's will be even harder to get and will kill off the UK laser fleet compleatley as at the moment it is not worth chandlreys stocking laser parts nevermind boats as they end up paying what you pay once they have been delivered to the shop meaning that a chandlrey will make £0.00 on a sail or a xd kit etc (i've seen the bill). myself and many others believe that laser US have done this as they see the UK as a small country that only needs one outlet but that's not the point as there are more lasers in the UK than the US per squre mile and therefore we need atleast 2 more one around edinborough/aberdeen and one in the manchester/liverpool area and the place at long buckby would be brill and then there's weymouth and that would be laser sorted but i really dont think that they have enough brains in the US to realise what they have done to the UK operation and now how their coustomers are a little uneasy about buying from them aswell as the supliers. Anyway i digress the hyde sail is the better sail personally i wouldnt buy a north i have both i had a 5yr old hyde and i sold it and baught a 6 month old north and now i realise that that 5yr old hyde performed better even though it was a little tatty around the edges big mistake :(