North vs Hyde Sails & Practice sails

What if I were to go to my local laser dealer, buy a new sail , a north that they have in stock, bring it to the Nationals and its measured to be either too small or too big according the the official measures. Do I return it to my dealer, vanguard who sold the dealer the sail or laser performance. Yes I have a sail that is 3 inches shorter on the luff, an different on the leach when compared to several other laser sails?
Return it to the dealer.

How long ago did you buy it and is it unused ?


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I don't but in to all this 'practice/training' sails have ruined the class. Ity is all just a bunch of BS.

I will agree it is not ideal for the class but (as with anything) give people an option of 2 things where a cheaper one is the same (or better) than an official one and they will generally take it regardless of whether is is against the rules.

I am not going to get involved with the whole sail debate either that has been done to death and there will (hopefully) be some news on that soon as any frequest visitor to here will know there is a sail development program going on.

With regards to fleet racing the club I sail out of has the philosophy that getting people on the water is better than saying 'you can race unless....' we do allow practice sails for club level events. There are stipulations over what can and can;t be used and the boat should be class legal in every other respect. For open events a genuine class sail must be used.

In practice we have found that there is very little difference between a replica/training sail and a class legal sail except the replicas are cheaper to buy thus actually helping to level the playing field as pretty much everyone can afford a new replica every year or 2 years but not everyone can afford a new class legal sail.

As for the fleet it is building up and we regularly get between 10 and 15 boats on the water for the Sunday fleet racing. This is in stark contrast to a couple of years back when 5 or 6 was more likely.

This has litttle to do with the club allowing replica/training sails but more to do with having a class captain who is motivated and willing to put the time and effort in to getting people out in the boat and on the water enjoying the sport.
Yea that makes sense... They come with numbers right? I think they might be legal for small yaht club regattas like the frostbite races.
It depends - There is a thread over in the Rules/Class section that addresses it. Of course it can be done with a "gentlesman's agreement" that it's ok, but within the rules it's a bit harder.
The Intensity sail is sold in high volumes through multiple outlets. I would think it would be the more consistent product. You know, almost like a one-design sail.
Don't know for a fact, but a pretty good guess would say that both models are built by the China Sail Factory, which does a lot of contract building like this. Variable is the cloth, since it's sold as a practice sail/low cost, you would expect that the tolerances on the acceptable range of the specs of the cloth could be much greater
Which is better?? That APS practice sails or the intensity practice sails?
I have both in std, they are both very good, still crispy after alot of practicing and frostbite racing in all conditions ranging from 1kt to 35kts, I used to sail exclusively class sails but they don't last nearly as long and cost way too much, thanks to the practice sails my class sail gets plenty of rest. Some local programs that allow practice sails only allow the intensity and class legal sails.