North vs Hyde MK II sails

Rob B

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Perfect timing! I just tried out my new, (full rig) Hyde MKII this past weekend and loved it! My first one is/was a North and held up pretty well for 2 years, (about 12 regattas and 30ish additional sailing days). The shape is still decent on the North, but it's really soft and the leech is stretched where you get that "flutter" in anything over 15 now. The Hyde just seems better out of the box, but maybe that's because I understand how to trim it now. When I got the North I was not yet comfortable with trimming the MKII. I'm also using the composite top section now with success. That took a year to figure out as well!

The MKI was only good for one of my seasons or about 6 regattas and 10 additional sailing days. I sail mostly in breeze above 12knots.

Rob B

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In the past the word was Hyde was a better sail in breeze with the MKI sails. This past weekend I sailed in 5-10, (perfect break in breeze) and felt fast all the way around the course and pointed very well. I was sailing against a guy who is a pretty good sailor, but he was using an old MKI sail so I don't think that was much to go by. However, the last time we raced I was using my old North MKII in the same conditions and he had more moments where he was faster then me. He weighs 190lbs and I'm 206.

Officially, I'd say it's too early to know anything yet. Our first district regatta is the end of April on a lake venue. I'll have a much better idea after that.

The only reason I got the Hyde is that's all West Coast Sailing had/has in stock and I didn't want to get into a "wait 6 months for my sail" situation.
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I bought a North MK II at Annapolis Performance Sailing for $604 and I do not think they sell the Hyde, West Cost Sailing has both the North for $604 and the Hyde for $650. I never heard of the Hyde until after I bought the North and am now wondering if I have an inferior sail. North is usually a safe bet though. At least I hope it is.