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NORTH Sails For Sale

Chris Stone

New Member
2018 North Sails for Sale- Used in 2 real regattas and three local or low pressure events with two days of sailing only in each. New for the 2018 J24 North Americans in Charleston, and then used for two local two day events in NJ, for the 2019 East Coast Champs, and the Pre-Worlds in Miami. All good condition.2020-10-10 16.11.22.jpg2020-10-10 16.11.22.jpg2020-10-10 16.12.08.jpg2020-11-10 18.31.09.jpg2020-11-10 18.31.15.jpg2020-11-10 18.32.13.jpg2020-10-10 16.22.00.jpg2020-10-10 16.23.10-1.jpg2020-10-10 16.24.29.jpg
Genoa- DX-7TT - $1050
Fat Head Main- $900
FR-2 Spinnaker- $1050 custom Black color - excellent condition


Chris Stone

New Member
Will ship sails anywhere. You pay shipping cost, I'll pack up and take to UPS or shipper of your choice. Spinnaker is about $40, Main or Genoa separately about $80 Each, together about $110. It is all about the dimensions.