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North Sail wanted


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Price $
Hey all I'm looking for North sail in good condition for my fish. I would love to find a sunrise sail, but not limited to this color way.
I will pay shipping.
Thanks in advance!

north sail sunrise.jpg


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I saw that DM Leonard is selling several vintage North Sunfish sails (In allegedly new condition) on Facebook Marketplace. No Sunrise sails that I could see, though. Search on “NEW OLD STOCK SUNFISH SAILS”


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Link for any one else looking. These are some cool sails for sure!


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@sun1fish had a used one he sold me for cheap enough shipped! it is all rigged up and ready to go hopefully get in some sailing this weekend. if weather behaves!

I have to say the north sail feels like such better quality over the OG sail from 73, its a heaver material for sure. also has way better shape to it.
I had the corners lied up as best as possible and you can see just how much more shape the foot of the sail has, the luff has better shape to it. The angle of the panels is different the the Luff is about ~2-3" shorter which is interesting. and the Foot is about ~1-2" longer. I've sailed my grandpas windflight with a sunfish north sail on it for a long time and has always been the fastest boat in the fleet. hoping i can be faster now :D


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The sail has changed a few times since the orange and yellow that you show, getting fuller each time.. And the North racing sail has even more luff curve than the North Sunrise recreational sail.