North racing Genoa barely used

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Outside North America
I bought a racing J24 in Grenada, where by class agreement, we use the jib only. It's usually quite windy down here. A North racing genoa came with the boat and appears in new condition. I had a friend bring it up to NY as luggage, so please contact him if you're interested. I'm not sure what year it was made, but condition is like new. Asking $850.

Contact Eliot Clauss: 917-517-0388


hmmm the photos are not that good and the fact that the sail has been folded is really bad judging by the corrosion on the hanks it looks like its been around a while any better photos??
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Hi Mike,
That’s it for photos. Sail is now in NYC. It sat in bag for the year plus that I’ve had it, sheltered indoors. The air down here is tough on hardware, but hanks are all good. Contact Eliot if you want to inspect.