North American Charter!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey everyone I am a ST. Lucian laser radial sailor. I am looking for one laser to charter for the north americans in hyannis. All i need is a top and lower section(radial) hull & dolly.I could bring everything else. Everything seems to be fully booked please help!!!:)

Ross B

probably not, I'm in Ca, but I helped you by clearing up the boom issue lol

It would be rather awkward if you get a boat and no boom

have you tried all the other charter companies?
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well u see theres only one company, vanguard, i found and they are fully booked and i dont exactly know new england very well never been there, and the website for hyannis is shit, doesnt give enough information, dont even try to help out the organisers. When i went to halifax for NA's last year they were so much more helpfull


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Hi, I am Delaware about 10 hours drive south of Hyannis.
I can rent you laser for a very fair price- would include, dolly and spars.

Please call my cell phone 302-465-2563

I am sure we find someone in my area to haul the rig up in time for you to race.

JuneRose Futcher
District 11, Delaware
or email
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