Noise-free, fume-free generator

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Hi folks, Im curious whether there is any interest in the generators working on Hydrogen Fuel Cell based technology. In general I have found that people hate generator noise & smell -especially if the boat is anchored. Does anyone have experience with this technology? I have something similar ( and looking around to see who could critique this! Thanks.
I love the technology but where do you purchase fuel? I have no idea low long a "load" of fuel would last but if you are sailing from island to island or across the Atlantic to visit numerous countries the question remains - where do you get the fuel? The whole idea was originally considered to be an endless fuel supply; just extract the hydrogen from the sea water. Perhaps this idea has developed and there is no longer a shortage of fuel supply points throughout the world - I really hope this is the case. While a hydrogen power generator is a great idea we must first conquer the actual hydrogen generator that is, be able to extract the hydrogen from sea water quickly and economically; until that happens I will stick with diesel which is a common commodity world wide. If the hydrogen issue has been resolved we can look into using hydrogen to move the boat through the water...

If you have any information on hydrogen extraction from sea water please let us know where we can find the details.

Great ides if its time has come...