Nob buoyancy aid

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I just qualified for my first overseas event, the Dutch Youth Regatta and I was just curious if the buoyancy aid, Vela Flex made by Nob in Brazil is legal there, as my coach told me that it might not be.


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Is this it? NOB - Aiuto al Galleggiamento VEST NOB Vela Flex
Doesn't look like there's anything illegal-ish about it.

This has been talked about before, and the rule of thumb seems to be that if a buoyancy aid is approved in one country, it's ok to wear it in an international regatta anywhere. Why does your coach think otherwise?

The NOR for the regatta doesn't say anything about this, and I don't find anything on the Dutch MNA website, either. Of course, you could directly contact the organizing authority to be completely sure.