No Sailing Today

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Based on the 11 am forecast, Emerald Isle is expected to begin experiencing tropical storm force winds around 3 pm this afternoon, and experience hurricane winds by 4 am on Saturday. The initial rain bands associated with Irene will begin later this afternoon. Based on the current forecast track, the eye of Irene is expected to make landfall near Cape Lookout, approximately 30 miles east of Emerald Isle, at about 9 am Saturday. Irene is expected to be a Category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 105 mph at landfall.
My sons both attend Old Dominion College in Norfolk. My wife is back there with them getting things set up for this year's classes. Has Norfolk seems to be in the path , they have driven inland just past Richmond to stay with friends on the ODU sailing team. Being we're all from CA, we are not used to hurricanes , just earth quakes and fires !
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Good News – no major damage to our house, the boats survived, and the electric has been restored.

The front side of Irene was hard on the two fishing piers (Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle); however, the back side of the storm provided the greatest impact on the shoreline of Bogue Sound (approximately 25 miles). Most of the docks and walkways were lost.

Jerinaldi – I have only been to Ocracoke Island one time. It’s approximately 80 miles and a three-hour trip from Emerald Isle with a ferry ride of 23 miles. I saw a couple of WindRiders during the trip. There are definitely sailboats of all types in Oriental, New Bern, Washington, Beaufort, and Morehead City, NC.

Fan – It is my understanding that the ODU Coed and Women’s Sailing Teams are ranked among the best this preseason. I have not heard much about the men’s teams.
hi ncpirate,

They are part of the co-ed team and will also be competing in the few college mens laser events. The storm destroyed the ODU sailing teams boat dock and classes will start a couple of days late but all else is good.