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No Excuses Now! New Sail....

Rob B

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Well the new sail just arrived. No excuses to go slow now! Jeez, those things are pricey. Just $20 shy of $500.00 now.


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Don't feel too bad Rob, laser sails here in Australia cost A$850 which at US76c to the A$ is about US$650 !! I haven't heard any good excuse for the extra US$150 yet. No wonder they're a popular item to bring back whenever a laser sailor visits the US.

If anyone happens to be coming to Perth WA in the near future .....


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new full (rolled) sail here in GRB is £410.00
" " (folded) " " " " " £379.00

the same price is charged for the radial
a 4.7 rolled sail is £375
a 4.7 folded sail is £ 350
How do old foils make a difference in the boats performance?(as long as they are not bent, cracked, or chiped) Why are new spars important (boom, top section) i see many bent booms........

Rob B

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No. The new sail was the last thing I needed to get the boat perfect. I just refinished my foils. It's amazing what you can do w/MarineTex a can of Krylon Enamel spray paint and some 320, 400, 600 grit wet sanding paper. No bent spars either.


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Don't worry, you will certainly find something like "The wind was all over the place", " I'm too light for this kind of wind (I wish I could say that!!! :p )" or "This guy got lucky with the last shift" and so on. I guess we can come up with an infinite number of excuses to explain sub expectation results.

I am glad for you that you will not blame your boat condition but again, a figure of eight knot slips so easily or...

Have fun