Next Laser Worlds in 2005/2006


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does anybody know the event locations of the next Laser worlds in 2005/2006.
Which countrys wants to organize the worlds and when will it be decided?
In 2005, current planning is for the Laser Senior and Master's Worlds to be in Fortaleza Brazil in late October through early November. This is subject to final approval at the upcoming World Council meeting.

The leading candidate for 2006 is Cheju Island, just off the southern tip of South Korea, I think they are shooting for either late Spring or early Fall dates.

2007 will again be an ISAF combined event at a site to be selected (see the ISAF web pages for the 8 candidates - including Nova Scotia).

I hope you mean Laser and not Radial...
SFBayLaser posted this reply on Oct. 2002. Fortaleza is in for this year. have we learned any more about the 06 and 07 selections? And I mean Laser, not Radial.
Fortaleza is confirmed for 2005 for both Laser and Radial, you can see dates on

Jeju, South Korea is to host the 2006 Laser Worlds, I believe in the fall. The 2006 Radial Worlds will also be in Asia, I **think** in Japan.

2007 will be the ISAF combined worlds in Portugal. This will be both Laser and Radial, given the Radial's new Olympic status.



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Anyone planning to join the Master Worlds in Brasil this year ? And if yes, what's the easiest way to get there from Europe ?