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If I am going to be the first to slam when I disapprove, I need to be the first to compliment when things are getting better....Much Better!!

The general content is heading in a direction this writer approves. The newsletter is incomparably better than the garbage produced in the two years before the current secretary team began and incomparably better than the first issues as our current staff was wetting its feet.

Our officers and district secretaries are finally contributing some readable and useful material. I hope each of you will continue and that the rest of the officers and secretaries will find one night per three months to write helpful and useful information for the newsletter.

I am looking ahead to the return of large numbers of photos and original articles from more of our successful sailors.

In the meantime I finally have a newsletter that I can leave sitting out where interested boaters who visit my office might pick it up.

There are reasons to join the people who do the stuff described inside.

I know exactly what it takes to create a newsletter like any of the previous 30 years of Laser newsletters. For the last four years I have been on a rampage because I refuse to accept less than our membership built over the previous decades. My belief has been and remains that we deserve to have officers and employees whose goal is to be the "best ever to hold this position." People who hold positions and do jobs with a lesser goal than to be the very best annoy me.

I am convinced by this issue and the one which preceeded it that our secretary team is willing and has decided to spend sufficient effort to produce a fine newsletter.

It may take a few more tries but , I believe the Laser Sailor will soon be as good as it used to be and eventually become even better.

That is a far cry from my position six months ago which was, "Fire these incompetent people before we waste another year."

Sorry, I don't have a more clever way to write the following>>>

My previous posts about the newsletters and management were written in hopes they might motivate anybody at all to prove me wrong.
This time I am hoping the reaction is and REMAINS, "I told you so."
I always like getting the Laser Sailor cause it is nice to have a magazine completley devoted to laser sailors. And i thought the newest issue was great and actually had some great articles and news. I found andrew campbells article on windward mark roundings helpful and the news about the composite upper section is great for the 136lb radial sailor like me. Does anyone know if there is a way to change the mailing address cause i am unfortunatley being forced of to boarding school (no i didnt get in trouble or get bad grades or anything like that its a family tradition) and i would like to recieve this great magazine due to the fact that i wont be able to sail while i am there:( .