News of the 2012 Seniors Worlds at Boltenhagen/Germany

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Aft we have seen a great, but definitely for Germany very cold 2012 World Championship of the men, tomorrow the ladies follow to race out their 2012 champion at Boltenhagen (also: Olympic Qualifier for some nations, too). Today, May 14th, the practice race was hold ... with 131 participants!!

Actual news you get via the links as above (at "" directly from our GER class chairman Bernd Buchert (aka "BB")). I guess the twitter news will be actualized beginning with the first qualifier race, tomorrow ~ 11.00 o'clock CEST (Central European Summer Time)!

P.S.: I highly recommed to view the bunch of videos of the men's contest at this link:

P.P.S.: I'll plan to visit the Worlds at the upcoming next weekend, Sat 19th Sun 20th May, for the last 4 races of the ladies. I try to take some photos ;) I haven't been able to visit the mens event as I had to work over the last week and also was racing myself, the past weekend (guess, where I ended on the final result table (... regarding my nick name here ... :oops: ), as an over 200 lbs oldie under the light weight yougsters at the Radial racing fleet...).
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Actual bad news to report from the GER Sailing Team (not Laser actives) makes me active to post an update:

"BB" (our GERLaserclass chairman) from Boltenhagen lately at May 14th reported:

One of the GER Olympic hopefuls of the "Sailing Team Gemany" at the Star Boat at Sunday May 13th unexpectedly passed by: Timo Jacobs, age 29, actual bowman of Johannes Babenerde, in reason of a deep heart attack.
{Personnally for me, it smells a bit like the dead of the famous Norwegian swimmer Alexander Dale Oen, but I really can't say, if this is true or not. Below, I have 2 links to this (This reports are in GER language, but maybe you use for both an internet translator, to understand what was happening)}.

However, "BB" in an actual small news message reports: 25 ladies did finish the sheduled practice race of Monday May 14th.

Also, at the opening ceremony on the evening of 14th May, as Klaus Lahme (head executive of this event at Boltenhagen and former GER Laser Team head coach) mentioned the death of Timo, all acvtive sailors and staff stand up quiet for a minute, to give their full respect for the to soon gone Timo Jacobs and his now mourning family.

I also have mention, that the purposed 1st starting time for the first 2 qualifier races of this event at Tuesday May 15th actually is set to ~ 13.00 o'clock.

BB also reports: "They'll get 10-13 knots in gusts 16-20 knots" {... from south directions (= mostly: away from shore side) . Temps will be about 12-14 degree Celsius (this is definitly: "cold") probably with a warning of Tunderstorms!!!! No heavy open ocean waves and no noticerable current, as the racing area is at the so called "Baltic Sea"}.

Link to Timo Jacobs (GER):

Link to Alexander Dale Oen (NOR):