Newport or Long Beach, CA

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I'm a new (used) owner and am planning a trip to Souther CA the first week in June. It's too hot here in Phoenix now to sail and am looking for a good place to daysail around Orange County. Any information/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Places to Sail in Orange County

There are a couple of nice places to sail in Orange / L.A. Counties.
Newport Harbor is the nicest in my opinion however there is only one launch ramp at Newport Dunes ($15). There is a very narrow channel to get out from the launch ramp and a tow or motor is wise at anything less than high tide. I will know more after I launch there with my Omega 14 for the first time.

Long Beach harbor (L.A. County) is a long time favorite, it is beautiful and has access to a number of nice resturants. It has a total of 5 launch ramps. Avg about $8.

Dana point is pretty but a very small harbor and the currents can be quite strong. One launch Ramp $15.

Overall in order, I would suggest San Diego Mission Bay (your boat might become jelous of the America's Cup Boats that go there + a lot of high speed traffic.

Long Beach Harbor. Nice areas in protected waters plus open water areas for more challenge.

Newport Harbor. Beautiful harbor, houses, girls and boats.

Redondo Beach - (King Harbor)

Hope this helps.
No AC or IACC boats in Mission Bay but the Sail Bay portion of it is a great place to small boat sail. You can also sail out to the ocean if thats your style. No ramp charges.
Drop in at Santa Clara point.