Newer Laser ~3-4k race ready if possible.

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I'm looking for a laser for racing. I'd be willing to drive a reasonable distance for inspection/pickup. I'm ready to spend 3-4k, depending on the boat obviously. Boat needs to be in excellent condition. Trailer and/or dolly desirable. Racing upgrades desirable. Standard Rig.
have a look at my post in the for sale section; my boat isnt new (sail #97884), but its still good for racing, plus im only asking like half what you want to pay, so you could upgrade the lines and have money left over. Let me know if youre interested.
i have a full set up posted in the want ads. a little more than you want to spend but it includes trailer and many extras. first class frostbiting boat. i'll be coming to pittsburgh for thanksgivign and could bring it up then. look for the ad that says #187217
I'm selling a 2003 boat, full rig and radial, radial sail in great shape, full sail is good training sail, top and bottom cover, dolly, asking $ 4200. If interested, please call me at 631-431-1707
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I'm still looking for a boat.

vtgent49 - Is your boat still available? If so, how firm are you on your $4500 price?

eberenblum - is your boat still for sail? Could you email me more information and/or pictures if so? It's the week before finals for me here and I don't have much time, so telephone is not the prefered method just now.
I have a 1999 (sept production) laser for sale. Clean hull, all white, vang upgrade plus cunningham, brand new full sail, excellent dolly, new mainsheet, new aluminum tiller and hike stick, and faired blades. These are my personal blades and they are way better than new factory ones. winter price is $3800.
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