Newbie with Vagabond 14 rudder question, Anyone ever sailed one?

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I am a brand new newbie to this forum and I have a question about the kick up rudder on a Vagabond 14/Holder 14 sailboat. I aquired this boat from a friend, and it was sitting on a trailer unattended for over 15 years, anyway it is all cleaned up and on the water again. Hoping to find some one who has one or someone that has sailed one. My question is the so called kick up rudder seems to work backwards, when the tiller is in the normal down position the rudder is in the kick up mode. When you lift up the tiller the rudder goes down. It is a bit uncomfortable to sail with the tiller pointed up at about 45 degrees. Just wondering if this is normal? I can not imagine it is. So Is there someone out there that has sailed one of these boats? I also have a Force 5 with a kick up rudder but it works great with its spring set up. Thanks in advance, Kim