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Newbie Questions (Zuma and Sunfish)


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Hi everyone, I'm new to sailing and bought a 1993 zuma that needs sails and a rudder, I had heard that sunfish rudder work well with a Zuma (I'm having a hard time finding Zuma Rudders and don't want to shell out money for a new Sunfish Rudder). Is my assumption correct? Also would a sunfish sail work with a Zuma, as sunfish are more popular and it seems I can find parts easiest for sunfish.


Zuma and Sunfish sails are completely different. You can get a brand new Zuma sail here: Zuma Sail
Otherwise, keep an eye on the "for sale" section of the forum or check ebay and craigslist... but Zuma aren't as common as Sunfish.

For the rudder, check out this post for add'l information: