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have a Capri 14.2 but don't know how to rig it !! Can anyone tell me how or point me to a website, manual etc. any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks,
Read through all the posts on this website...

Several members are WAY more adept (than I) at the design/racing of this boat. Many of your questions will be answered.

This is an unforgivingly fast, and tender boat, that can be tamed easily, with a little of practical preparation. You chose the BEST small boat you could have. It will prepare you for much bigger, or if you decide to, reward you for years to come.

It is not slow, and never dull to sail!

Welcome to the club!
This is my first post. I picked up my Capri 14.2 today:D. I sat in my driveway fumbling for several hours. Your post is very much appreciated here. SHNOOL thanks for the great info and TUFBUT thanks for starting this thread.
No problem... Both of you guys are east coast "neighbors." Glad I could help. There are several other posts relevant once you get the "standard" config.

Read posts related to "improvement pictures." There was an in depth discussion a few weeks ago about rigging of the traveler. Line sizes. and also the centerboard.

It helps to see the pictures too. As I discovered, there were several rigging things missing on my own boat, that I'd have never known about had I not seen the stuff here.
Rigging Pictures

I've started amassing pictures of various rigging, so, if you need one in particular, let me know and I'll send you what I have.

Thanks MajorH, that PDF is the best starter manual for anyone just starting out sailing, not just starting out with the Capri.
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Thanks to all of you for helping out - SHNOOL, jdtaillant and MajorH. good luck tree hugger. I'll let you all know how I make out rigging the Capri. thanks again:):)
Treehugger, where in Ohio are you located and where do you sail. I am in Northfield, Ohio, 30 minutes south of Cleveland and sail on LaDue reservoir and Pymatuning reservoir. Also welcome to the group.

Roger L