Newb to lasers - Mast step repair confirmation


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Hi all, we just got a laser gifted to us for the kids from someone at our club "retiring" from Dingy racing. it's an Older boat, but he was a pretty serious racer back in the day. Fitted with updated rigging, the old wooden CB and rudder look brand new!

Now for the problems, I noticed when loading it up for the offseason that it has a crack in the underside of the hull below the mast step. Handful of sails and no water appeared to accumulate in the hull, but when Fill the mast step with water it pours out the bottom in seconds. I think he had prior issues as the inside of the mast step has been over-glassed and seems super solid. Attached a few pics for reference.

I searched and have seen what others have done and recommended and come up with this plan:

1. Grind out and fix the crack with 3 layers of 1708 Biaxial +Epoxy
2. Fairing compound to give it a "finish" and fix low spots.
3. Pour a small amount or resin into the mast step to seal up the crack inside (the hole is too small lay glass effectively)
4. Paint the entire hull a new Orange!

Would love some feedback if there is anything else I should be thinking of?


I think I would fix the mast step first to make sure that water is not leaking out. That would make me feel more at ease that water was no going through the boat and into other layers that you don't see. The repair of the step from the inside looks very good, but I would try to see, from the inside, if there are any corresponding cracks that line up with those you see on the outside, and bottom of the boat. It is hard to tell how big and broad the cracks on the bottom extend from your photo. Do you think that they are just directly under the step repair or do they extend further out from the step? Does the mast tube move and the cracks open if you try to move the tube? If so, it would mean there is more "catastrophic" problems with the crack you see on the bottom. If it does not, then the cracks would appear to be just in the gel coat, and maybe slightly into the fiberglass. I guess if you are going to sand the cracks all back down to fiberglass anyway, you would be able to tell as well if the cracks go through the fiberglass. If so, I would want to really beef that part with more layers and go a lot wider with your patch/repair glass. I would still fix the tube (number 3 on your list) first. Interested to see how it turns out.
I have done 3 mast step repairs. The mast grindes in the bottom and there will be a hole in the end. The thickness of the bottom is 4-5mm. From bottom and up to the deck it measures 14". So take a measure. In your case I would do a repair from the outside and remove the wooden donut. Grind off the cracked bottom and cover it with a 1mm stainless steel plate. Cover with mat and epoxy. Inside in the maststep put a 2x2" 14" long. Put the steel plate on the end of the stick. This ensures correct angel and depth. Maybe cover the stick with a plastic to release it more easy from resin.