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New Website Issue with Work Blocker

My work has been blocking multiple threads since going to the new website. Something is suggesting that it's a "games" website and it blocks me. Doesn't happen on every thread, and never happened on the old website. For example, my thread I just posted in Laser about the best PFD, is blocked, as is the one about the Laser 2, but the one about sail number/transom number isn't.

Any idea what's causing this or how to fix it from the website end? Is it some ad perhaps?


Staff member
I'm guessing it's probably the ads. I'm going to alter your account to see if that helps. I'm sorry you are experiencing this problem. Thanks for your patience.

Don't know if you made a change yet, but it's still happening. Same threads. The Capsize thread, for example. If a thread does it once, it always seems to do it. But a thread can be fine initially and then start doing it after another post is added.