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New/Unused Laser Sail Standard Full Mark II w/ battens! - San Diego


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San Diego
New/Unused Laser Sail Standard Full Mark II
Folded, in sail bag
Comes with sail numbers ready to be installed
Also includes Mark II batten set (extra $60 value)

Background: We bought a full rig laser recently, which came with several full sails including this unused one. My son is sailing radial only, so we do not need this standard-sized new sail. We were told by the owners we purchased it from that they bought it brand new, but never used the sail (no numbers installed and looks crispy and unused to us). Some of the sail threads are dirty on one side, from what appears to be someone who folded it out in dirt or not a clean surface, though it has cleaned up with a little soap and water. Otherwise, new and crispy.

Email to: daniel.vachon1@gmail.com if interested.

Location: San Diego, CA