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Hi everyone!
Interested in learning more about sailing. Currently I have no money to buy a boat (toddler with another one on the way), but want to eventually get my own boat. I grew up on a sunfish and loved it, especially when we could flip it. Anyway, just wanted to say hello!


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Having young children does put a cramp in most people's sailing lifestyle. But hey, the kids will grow up and, in the meantime, you can look forward to sharing good times on a boat, whether it be a Sunfish or something else.
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True, and I wouldn't rush this toddler thing for the whole world. Its infuriating at times but mostly its wonderful. Boat can wait. My kid is fearless so I know she'll love it when we do get one.
welcome to the forum, windwardbound! this is a great place, and there are a ton of helpful people who can help answer any questions.

don't give up on sailing with young kids, though! I took my 2 youngest boys (ages 6 and 2 1/2 yrs old) out on the Sunfish on Lake Michigan last summer - it was a really calm day, with almost no waves, and just enough light wind to move along the water. they both loved it, and my (now 3-yr old) son still remembers it!

here is a video I took of them sailing with me.

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I love the sippy cup flailing about, looks like my world. This video reminds me so much of going with my dad, thanks for sharing.

I'm not scared to take the little ones, just broke. =)
I bought my 1st Sunfish-style boat (a Super Porpoise) for $50. keep an eye on craigslist, and you might get lucky!
I hope you can come around a deal soon. Keep your eyes open on craigslist free section and maybe you will be lucky. I know here in Utah under the classifieds there have been people giving some for free.