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New To Norfolk (Virginia that is)


Greetings All,
As the title gives away, I've recently arrived in the Norfolk area. Ocean View/Willoughby Spit to be precise, and well to put it shortly, I need to find some guys (and gals) to sail with. Laser one designing or otherwise, if you need a bowman, that would be great too! I'm not picky so long as there might be Guinness involved! If you have any info please drop me a line or give me a call, gatherto@ffg59.navy.mil skipather@hotmail.com (845) 489-4989, or just post a reply. thanks for your time!


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Not any help, but sailed in Norfolk for HS team race championships in... jeez, 2000? The weather was great, sailing was in a basin and was pretty good.

Nice place for sailing it seemed


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If you would like more details... you have landed in the district 11 area of NA Laser Class-

There are many racing and sailing opportunities up and down the Chesapeake Bay area.

Have you heard about the Hampton, Va. fleets? Farther north is Fishing Bay YC, Deltaville, VA. Contact, jon@jdeutsch.com- Laser fleet Captain- he could be helpful too.

They race lasers, J22's and other classes- At the moment, I just dont recall the others
Little sleepy from my long winters nap today.

We set up an area laser fleet homepage- visit www.laserdistrict11.org

And if you are looking for a new or used laser, I can help you with the search.

Welcome to the East Coast!

Take Care,
JuneRose Futcher
District 11 Secretary