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I've been basically given a 1980 model Laser standard. She's been sitting on her side under my buddies back deck for what he claims to be 8+ years. Other than major cleaning and some parts and pieces from Intensity, she's really exceeded my expectations. The hull seems firm and the deck reasonably solid. It came with a questionable mast step. So I cut in an inspection port and reinforced the base of the step, even though it seemed sound. The rigging is all original, and will be updated soon. Sail is off brand and pretty much like new. Rudder, dagger board, and tiller are all upgraded to current and like new as well. I really think I've got something my 3yr can learn on and sail for years!! But first, I got to have my fun with her!!!



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That looks like a really nice boat - congrat's on your find! I maintain that old Lasers are the most fun for the least money and for the least maintenance time of pretty much anything on or off the water.


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<< til it sez Harken >> ... true dat!

If you're not racing + don't intend to stay class-legal, is a good source of sturdy, well-built parts that are NOT class legal, but ARE of high quality and have proven to be very good value for me, a recreational-only / non-racer Laser sailor. But when it comes to blocks + etc, a lot of the stuff at Intensity is Harken or other brand name stuff, maybe a little cheaper but not that much.

The silver lining to the expensive cloud is that you can upgrade a lot of the rigging to get more purchase with a couple more small blocks and some more line. It'll probably be different than the class legal kits but the stuff I've done is very functional and much cheaper. The other thing I'd say is that it sounds like you're probably looking at a good many years of fun with this thing, and the Intensity stuff and the Harken gear are all long-term investment quality stuff. Grit your teeth and fork over for it now and the odds are good that it'll serve you for 20+ years. Especially if you can keep the thing inside at least for the winter, if not for the summer. A cover helps a lot too if it's gotta be outside - just keeps debris, leaves, etc etc off of everything, and keeps the sun off the fiberglass and plastic parts.

But the nut of it is, to make time to get out there get wet + have fun - especially as you've got lil sailors around!
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cskudder- Unfortunately, I plan to keep this thing rigged as class legal....$$$. Buy once, cry once. I might find time to race it, and maybe the kids will one of these days. Luckily the boat will be garage kept. I still have to rig a hoist. Thanks for the Intensity plug. I've ordered a few parts through them already and plan to order more. Shipping was free and was delivered 2 days after ordering. I still can't wrap my head around theses crazy (strict) Laser class rules. Intensity sells an "illegal" block plate for outhull/Cunningham blocks that is what seems to be the same as the "class legal" one for considerably less money. But, because it's not made by an approved manufacturer it is deemed "illegal"??? It has absolutely ZERO mechanical advantage, just a plate with some U bolts welded to it. Man these guys are running one hell of a racket!! And, why can't we attach a block to the boom fairlead for the outhull, but can to the clew? A lock pin in the rudder would be nice too! Yeah.... it's Monday and I'm ranting. I know all about the pay to play game. I'm a Canon photographer on the side and know all about getting bent over.

wavedancer- 4.7??
But, because it's not made by an approved manufacturer it is deemed "illegal"???
Welcome to the Asylum. You will also find the "class legal" double padeye is made of such a low grade of stainless that it'll start rusting straight away and you'll see orange stains around the base and screw holes.

Don't let the Laser Police catch you with a Bottle Port either!!!!! The "logic" behind that bit of insanity is that it changes the function of the inspection port, which is illegal. My boat is pretty much class legal except for the sail, and I'll probably never race in a sanctioned event because of it. I prefer to race around lobster buoys and mooring balls with my like minded buddies.