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New to me Capri 14.2


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I just purchased(virtually stole) a 1996 #4551 and have some immediate concerns. I noticed the hull is collapsed quite a bit where it sits on the trailer bunks on both sides.
Has anyone experienced this and what did you do to resolve it?
So far my thoughts are:
1: Hang it from my garage rafters and turn the heat on for a while to see if it naturally corrects itself
2: Concerned with rotten wood stringers/supports
a: Remove the deck to inspect/replace any rotten stringers/supports
b: Flip it over and cut slots in the bottom to inspect/replace stringers/supports

I am very far from new to doing this type of work having restored a few older, bigger boats. Just new to this particular model and its structure and characterisitics.


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Can I see some pics? I'd like to make sure I know what you mean when you say "collapsed". Sounds like its some strange kind of water dmg so far.