New to me 1985 Zuma

JC sunfish

Just picked up a 1985 AMF Zuma from my neighbor today. Came with everything, rudder, tiller, sail, mast, boom, lines and daggerboard are great, just a few questions on the hull. The hull has been sitting outside for years, everything else has been garage stored.
My questions:
1. The self bailing tube in the back of the cockpit is completely full of mud, what's the best way to clean this out without damaging anything?
2. The hull bottom directly under the cockpit is pretty soft normal thing? Needs to be fixed? If so how? (I've split the seam all the way around a sunfish and patched 3 baseball sized holes all around, not scared of fiberglass work)
3. What's the best trailer setup for it? I don't have to go more than 1/4 mile at less then 35mph to the boat ramp. I have a trailer, but also use it to get my sunfish to regattas and things, the zuma doesn't fit on this trailer at the moment. Is there a setup that would work well for zuma and sunfish?

Other than this, it seems to be a dry and light hull (about the same weight as my new sunfish). Haven't done a leak test yet, but the mast step is holding water and there's no obvious cracks.
Thanks so much for any help, this forum is an invaluable resource for me and many others.
Also if you know where to buy a hiking strap that'd be good to know too, gave a little tug on it and it went "boink". Already tried the dingy shop, intensity sails, and west coast sailing, running out of ideas...