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New to Houston Area


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I just moved to the Houston area (north Houston near the Woodlands). Is there any laser sailing around the Lake Conroe area, or is it mainly down in the Clear Lake area?

Best Laser sailing around is at the Seabrook Sailing Club. http://www.seabrook-sailing.org/default.aspx. :)
I know youths have active fleets at the other Galveston Bay/Clear Lake clubs, but as far as adult Laser sailing, SSC's the place. I've been known to practice on Lake Houston time to time, but now I keep my boat at SSC. It's really not that far, and many of the members of SSC live in north or west Houston outside the Beltway and find the drive a small inconvenience for a day of pure enjoyment. Now that I've convinced you that coming to Seabrook's worth it, come join us for winter sailing on February 9.


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It's worth the drive across town and sail with other people rather than fart around by yourself. Especially so if you like to race.


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Contact Mattia D'Errico at Lakewood YC for some local knowledge.

Before you even hit the water, track down Hayden Cowie. Hayden is a fantastic trainer who's been working specifically with dinghy sailors. Get hooked up with him to get yourself in serious Laser sailing shape!



there were some sailors practicing on the woodlands' lake on summer during the week sometime ago.
On conroe there are too many motorboats, so a good chance to be run over by a dui boat.
Best sailing at galvenston bay, you are welcome to join SSC races on the link above.