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So sorry to read this, Nola Mike. That hurts!
Mother Nature can be cruel. Definitely keep an eye on craigslist, and more recently I've turned to Facebook marketplace to find (and sell) things. There was just a thread on this forum recently in the 'for sale' section, I think, someone looking for the old style rudder. Sorry I don't have link to the thread but I think it was for a free hull. I see a slick newer Sunfish with a crisp cool sail in your future!
I don't "do" Facebook, but is there a "Lost & Found" section? How about Craigslist? :cool:

These spars may yet return—either at Facebook, Craigslist :) or the "shuffling effects" of hurricanes. :(

This morning, it appears Hurricane Florence's "target area" is moving north, towards Virginia and even Kentucky! This is a very wet storm, with rainfall measured in feet! :eek:

Hopefully, this won't be a "slow" storm—which would make things worse. (As one who lost most of my cordless and stationary power tools to Hurricane Irma, I hope to not "sidetrack" this thread with the weather...but!)


How deep is the water around where the sail was. If the sail was wrapped it, was probably lifted and dropped in the water close by. The rig does not float. Find a kid with a mask and fins to give a look.
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Well, usually not deep, 6' deep at 100' feet out. That storm surge probably brought it to twice that. It was too rough for me to go out there the other day, hopefully tomorrow am I'll take another look.
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I used my 2 feet, went out about 50 feet and 300 upriver with no luck. Any reason I can't diy some spars? Maybe from a flagpole or something? I've read that masts seem cost prohibitive, but the dimensions of the spars seem a bit flexible...
Looks like a nice Sunfish in Yorktown, VA on craigslist for $650. New style rudder. Not my boat. I'd try to get that nice dolly with it ( though it says not included)


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Guy said it was available, then didn't respond to 2 follow up email last week
People are looking for REAL bargains on Craigslist. It's best to reply by telephone. Emails get lost when responders "promise" to show up.

How deep is the water around where the sail was. If the sail was wrapped it, was probably lifted and dropped in the water close by.
The rig does not float. Find a kid with a mask and fins to give a look.
It doesn't? :eek:

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Well, got a line on some spars and sail and gooseneck for $300. He said the sail's the original from '68 but is mint. He also has one from the '90's. I read that the sail's were a different/worse design in the 60's. Can anyone confirm? He had a rudder as well, but it was old style. Should I pull the trigger on this?
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Huh, didn't even notice that. Hmm, looks like the area of the sailfish sail is the same, but i don't know about the rest of it, especially in '68. Unless someone can tell me that it's the same as a new style sunfish sail, I may pass on this one. Maybe if he can find his '90's sail? Don't want to let my impatience to get back on the water cloud my judgement


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IMHO, that rig is worth about $100 (no mast) or $150 with the mast; no more!
The (Sailfish!) sail may tear due to age...
Current sails come in two flavors; 'race' (more expensive) and 'casual'. The non-legal versions of these are a lot less expensive.
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Ok, agreed on $200 with the new sail, spars and gooseneck. The new sail actually looks pretty rough with 3 small tears. But this lets me get on the water. No way I'm finding this for $100 anywhere near me.
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I saw that info. Looks like the sail area is the same, but i don't know about the cut. The sail I ended up getting is a sunfish sail from the 90s. Pretty beat up, needs a few patches, but a brand new sail in the future is pretty easy and relatively cheap, unlike the spars. Which now that I think about it are likely sailfish as well. Don't know if they're the same. Can anyone tell me the length of the spars?
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@beldar boathead , found a post of yours:
"The vast majority of Sailfish are actually Super Sailfish. They have the same length booms, but the mast is shorter as the Sailfish hull isn't as deep. But you can use it with no issues.

The sail is the same dimensions but Sailfish sails were made flatter so it will have less power than a modern Sunfish sail. But it will work fine."

Sounds like my assumptions were correct, and the spars should work fine regardless of sunfish or sailfish