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Hi everyone. I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I don't currently have a boat, but I'm on the hunt. :)

We always rented a Sunfish for summer vacation when I was a kid. Then as a teenager I sailed a Flying Scot at summer camp. It's been a long time, but for some reason I have been thinking a lot about getting back out on the water.

Thanks for having me here. I look forward to learning from you all,
Welcome - You should send a PM to gouvernail, let him know what part of TX you are in, he should be able to help you get out on the water. Feel free to send me one as well, I have a few connections along the eastern side that may be able to help too..
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Thanks for the welcome you two.

I'll definitely get in touch. I'm on the eastern side, within a couple hours of Shreveport, LA and a couple of hours north of Houston. I've seen a few older Sunfish for sale, but I need to do a bit more reading to know what to look for. My budget is modest so I must shop wisely. It'll be good to have a few nearby contacts.
welcome to a sweet forum, Royal. browse thru the old messages, and read up on the Sunfish KB (knowledge base) & FAQ, up at the upper left corner of the page... lots of great information there. I'm in Michigan, so can't help you with anything local to Texas. you might look around on the Texas Sunfish Racing Circuit's site, though.

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Hey tag, thanks for the tips. I think I've read almost everything in the Sunfish KB section already! I checked out the TX racing circuit page and I had to look away - I'm itching for a Sunfish so bad. Seeing the racing pics only makes it worse.

I didn't really even know how big Sunfish class racing was, or for that matter, that they even made racing rigs at all. It won't be long before I have my own numbers. :D