New to Capri part 2


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Good evening all

I discovered the fiberglass divider for aft side of the storage locker separated from the lower part of the hull. In maneuvering the loose fiberglass, I discovered a piece of exposed wood at the center of the bottom of the hull. I ended up pulling the divider out to get better access the wood as well as to the area below the mast step. I found what looked like an improvised compression post made of two pieces of very rotted plywood which I pulled from the hull with very little effort. I have heat and air moving through the area, but the wood piece, which is about 1 1/2 inches wide is quite wet and I'm not sure it could be dried out. I had an experienced boat restorer and good friend of mine over to look at it and we couldn't find any issue except for the wet wood, He thinks it could be chiseled out and replaced.

My biggest question is about the improvised structure below the mast step. Did the Omega 14 originally have some sort of structure to transfer mast loads below the deck to the lower hull, and if so where would I find a drawing so I can replace it.

Secondarily, what do experienced owners think about cutting out that piece of wood and epoxying in a new piece? Hard to get a good picture but I will try one.

Thanks in advance for any help.