New to Board..74? Sunfish full restore

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Thanks Wave Dancer....I will prob rig back to original super sunfish yet use the reg sunfish rig that came with it to learn how to sail her.....should get started on the glass repairs later today and get the keel repair done and bottom epoxied by Sunday...
I also was at a marine distributor open house last night in West Palm beach...I was talking to the awlgrip guys and they are supplying me all the paint I need to awlgrip the boat....I have sprayed it before and it is tricky but the results should be great if I can get the hull in great shape with the repairs that are due....

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If you want a Super Sunfish, put an ad in the Want To Buy section of the the forum and see if anyone has some Super Sunfish parts, you never know. I know a guy who has an unused Super Sunfish sail for $150, so that's a start. What part of the country are you in? Lots of folks travel and might drop one off for you or meet halfway.

My2fish had a nice blog about SS, pros and cons

If that fizzles, I'd probably "plug" the holes that would let water into the hull with a small dab of white or grey marine tex, and if you found SS parts later there's not much to undo.
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This is the can clearly see the damage...I will use the section cover it with Wax paper..make a mold then this section out..lots of pictures to follow..
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this is just some areas that I had concerns with....grind-ed them down with 80 grit...filled with glass/resin and smoothed out with 80 grit and then made a resin putty with cabolsil like peanut butter to make smooth....
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Sorry for the fast fwd....took some extra work to force that part down in the hull, then I used 4 screws to pull the part somewhat flush...glassed the ends and middle...removed the screws ground the glass and finished glassing in the part....there is putty between the hull and cockpit and it was hard to get to and grind so the part fit...just took some can clearly see I am not a glass guy...
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Again this is after glassing it was ge

This was after I glassed it in...BTW I vacuumed about 1/2 gallon of sand from the hull when I cut the keel open..
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This was this morning..I ground down the glass I built up and had some product called Hull/Deck from Laminex to try and get some shape back in the keel....tough job..I have some great air files and DA sander and it was still...the hulls are so thin...
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This is the bottom with a 2 part epoxy paint that I used to build up the low will be sanded with 220/400 and then the top coat of Alwrip...
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Kind of a final shot for can see the primer and different layers I am spraying....
Some of you might ask about adding weight..I took all measures to use as little material as needed..but really added strength to the keel....
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guys,..I am learning as I go...shaping the keel was hard and it is not perfect..but should not leak and will take some punishment...

I am sorry I could not video this..bit as you guys are all aware some guy named Doug made an excellent video of the same repair, I used his video to repair mine...ask me any questions I will try and answer. If you see I am doing anything wrong please let me cant hurt my feelings..

I am blessed to have a wife in the boat building business to get my resin/glass...cabosil etc....if I had to guess I am to about 200 bucks in material and sanding discs.....

next is too sand the primer and flip the vessel....I will not top coat until I am done with all the glass work....

I am tired...for a 49yr ole guy out of was a long weekend...but I feel good about the work so far...

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I said "oh no!" when I saw the first pic, but its kind of like walking into the middle of a surgery, not pretty. But things look like they are coming together nicely, thanks for posting the pics.

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