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New Sunfish Rudder


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Hey Sunfish Sailors. Here is a radical new Sunfish Rudder- I made a video about it. I also started a Sunfish Sailing YouTube Channel. I would appreciate your feedback, please leave any comments on the YouTube page as I read all the comments. thanks Lee Montes Extreme Sunfish Rudder Video
Thanks for posting your observations on the performance of the new rudder. I just finished mounting mine and am waiting for warmer weather to test it out. Did you adjust your tiller straps to allow the rudder to come up fully when beaching? I did so, since the rudder has to rotate further than the swept back factory rudder to get from its fully lowered position to the dolly raised position. I removed about 19x7 mm of material from both rudder straps right below the tiller bolt that connects the tiller to the rudder and this allowed me to get near 180 degree extension when raising the rudder.
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Lee Montes

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Hi Weston! Good luck with your new rudder! I didn’t change anything. I feel that as long as one doesn’t beach the boat hard, (which I don’t- and most people should not). Then it won’t be too much of an issue. :). Thanks for the comment!