New Standard Laser Sail Design

Yes, the pictures that Peter Drasnin posted are of a prototype standard rig sail which might one day replace the current production sails. It is the result of a series of discussions with the builders but with a major push starting last summer (followed up in Roses last September) to try to produce a higher quality, more durable standard sail with, as much as possible, the same sailing performance. And, importantly, it is not to be significantly more expensive than the current sail.

There should be an article on the sail in the upcoming Laser Sailor, or Laser World insert, with pictures taken while sailing along with some impressions thus far, etc. So... stay tuned!


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The from reading other sailing forums like SA I have gathered that main thing that stops people from joining the laser class is the fact that to be competitive you have to buy a new sail very often.
True, but it's more evidence that we should stop the rumour-mongering about how quickly the sails die. The most successful sailor at the regatta the picture came from reckons he uses a sail for 50 races before he can feel it going slow. The most successful sailor at the preceding Open worlds denies that he gets special gear, as some people allege.